Defining Eufomex

We offer consulting services with focus on Data Management for top-tier financial institutions.

Eufomex brings a robust blend of professional backgrounds and experience, primarily derived from the IT and financial industry, with a deep dive into its processes and data analysis. This helps to address such issues as data inconsistency and inaccuracy, poor systems integration, lack of solution scalability as well as isolated departmental thinking.​

Our services are delivered by consultants who possess diverse technical and analytical backgrounds, focusing on a deep understanding of complex processes. What sets us apart is the ability to express challenges in simple and accessible terms, ensuring effective communication and comprehension within a project team.

Areas we work in

With years of experience in financial institutions, our consultants bring expertise at:

Data Strategy​
Crafting strategic solutions for effective data governance, quality management, and seamless integration to empower businesses.
Data Platforms​
Designing and maintaining data warehouses to support scalable and secure storage for data management and ETL.​
Data Analytics & BI​
Transforming data into valuable insights through advanced analytics and business intelligence solutions.​
Data Science & AI​
Applying advanced data science and AI techniques to derive actionable insights and enhance decision-making​.
Cloud Technologies​
Leveraging cutting-edge cloud technologies to optimize data storage, processing, and accessibility, as Google Cloud Partners.​
Project Management​
Experienced project managers overseeing financial industry projects, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and successful outcomes.​

Our competitive edge​

Our reliable consultants bring extensive hands-on experience gained in enterprise-scale positions working with cutting-edge technologies. Their persistent commitment to previous projects confirms their responsibility for implemented solutions, enhancing their profile with strategic thinking abilities. This ensures the most positive long-term outcome for your company in addressing data challenges.​
At Eufomex, our experts, equipped with extensive backgrounds in mathematics and physics, deliver you high-quality analytics services. Their profound understanding of models and data processes ensures precise navigation throughout your project. Additionally, each team member possesses expertise in data management, which is crucial in effectively addressing issues related to data quality and data cleansing.​
Project Management
and Business Analysis​
Our Project Managers and Business Analysts are experienced experts in Financial Services Industry and possess knowledge of regulatory domains. They efficiently handle regulatory projects and numerous sector initiatives. Leveraging profound expertise in financial data, industry details and IT, our consultants have an in-depth understanding of business and clients' requirements.​

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