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Join us at Eufomex and unlock your career opportunities in Data Management Consulting!

Embarking on a career journey in data management consulting opens the doors to a world of diverse projects and continuous learning. Even without any prior consulting experience, this field offers you a unique blend of exposure to various industries and the chance to work on impactful projects, polishing both technical and interpersonal skills. Within a consulting framework, you will have the opportunity to build a robust network, collaborate with industry experts, and make tangible contributions to business outcomes through innovative data solutions.

It’s the perfect time to join us as we’re experiencing extensive growth, offering great opportunities for advancement and development.

Our dynamic team

Collaborates with top-tier financial institutions​
Focuses on professional growth of consultants​
Possesses diverse global hiring experience
Shares diverse current experience of getting settled in Germany
Organizes regular off-sites in Germany, Austria, and Italy

Application Process

Express your interest
Apply directly with all your documents by email​ or on the website.
Introductory interview
If your documents are convincing, we will invite you to a video call​ for the first interview.
Technical interview
After we have gained a positive first impression of you, you will get to know our colleagues in further interviews​.
If you convince us in all rounds, you will receive a binding offer and we look forward to you becoming part of our team.​

Job opportunities

Data Engineer (m/f/d) - Munich, Germany​
You have profound programming skills, relevant ETL/Data Integration experience and experience in financial sector.
Oracle Database Developer (m/f/d) - Munich, Germany
You have good understanding of data warehousing, analytical modelling and experience in financial sector.
Business Analyst (m/f/d) - Munich, Germany
You have strong leadership skills, interpersonal skills and experience in the financial sector.

Applicant's FAQ

About us

We are a young company offering consulting services with focus on Data Management for financial institutions.

You can submit a contact form on our website or reach us out by email ( directly. We’re very active on social media. Ask us a question on LinkedIn and we’ll get right back to you.

With us you will have exciting projects in top-tier financial institutions while preserving a room for a good work/life balance. We encourage your self-development and organize regular off-site events. Moreover, we care about your health and offer a membership in a corporate fitness program.

Eufomex is like a good sport team, everyone does their job great and covers each other’s back. Our colleagues are always there to help you with all sorts of questions and, moreover, you will have a mentor for the first time after joining who can help with any integration and non-work-related questions. 

Applying to Eufomex

It can be a good support for your application, this document usually contain a plenty of details about you and your intents. Therefore, the more useful information we know about you the stronger your application is.

Apart from your CV, please feel free to provide us with a cover letter and any certificates referring to your education, language skills, and professional trainings. We will inform you in case additional documents are needed.

For English speaking consultants we do our best to assign them to international projects, but we strongly motivate our employees to learn German language at least up to B2 level.

We are looking for candidates with outstanding academic achievement, but we take a range of factors into consideration. You have to possess at least a Master degree in Business or Financial sector, alternatively you can have a profound education in Mathematics, Physics or Computer Science. More importantly than pure academic grades, we are looking for people who can prove their outstanding skills and industry experience.

The most important for us is that candidate can fluently speak English – this is a “must have”. If you can demonstrate a good knowledge of German, it would be your advantage, or at least you should be eager to learn German intensively. Aside from desire of self-development and language skills, we are looking for candidates with solid programming skills and knowledge of sector-relevant technologies. We highly value broad technical background of applicant and experience from the Financial industry. Your soft skills would be your benefit as well. Usually, we have such positions as Data Engineer, Data analyst, BI Engineer, System analyst (DWH).

Integration in Germany

Yes, we full support you at all stages of your legal processes. We help with document preparation and do as much as we can for you. You will only have to organize necessary appointments and present your case in person.

Sure, we acquired a lot of valuable information on legal and everyday topics. We can give you valuable advises and contacts from places where you could stay for the first time to any service you may need in everyday life. Please be aware that despite our help with the process we do not reimburse relocation costs.

We provide our consultants with unlimited contracts which makes them eligible for EU Blue Card residence permit (a residence permit for highly educated and qualified personnel). The absence of end date of our contracts removes the necessity to prolong your residence permit every time you prolong your contract and makes it easier to get in general.

Due to legal limitations, you will have to move to Germany to start working with us. The city you will live in is up to your choice in general, but you should consider that the core team is located in Munich and to participate in daily work life more actively relocation to Munich is  highly desirable.


Normally you will have 3-4 interviews with us. The first one will be introductory without any need to present technical knowledge. The next two will be on the other hand with the focus on your technical skills. And the last one will be held by our Partner-level colleague to sum up the process. If you meet our requirements and needs, you will get an offer further.

Our interviews are held by consultants who are working on their projects, therefore the process from contacting us for the first time to getting an offer can take up to one month. We kindly ask you to be patient.

Normally, during the interview you will be given some terms on when you should have the next stage or an offer. If you haven’t heard anything within the stated timeframe, make a follow-up call or send us an email.

Share our experiences

Where we work together like a winning sports team. Our strength comes from being a tight-knit group that supports each other with a great team spirit. We bring different skills to the table, creating top-notch solutions with precision and professionalism. At Eufomex, everyone’s contribution is crucial to our success. Join us on our journey in the consultancy world, where we tackle projects as a united and triumphant team. Our most exciting experiences:​